OpenMarket - Software Engineer

  • Developed and maintained a large-scale distributed SMS messaging platform, built to a microservice architecture in Java.
  • General scripting in Python and Bash for builds and large-scale deployment.
  • Participated in numerous talks and software community events, including hackathons and tech talks.

Cisco Systems - Technical Sales Engineer Intern

  • Underwent 2 weeks intensive training for an introductory technical sales role, with an emphasis on cyber security, data centres, collaboration technologies and enterprise networking.
  • Researched, created and gave a number of presentations to account managers of enterprise companies, with the end result of increased sales figures.
  • Produced a working demo of a room booking system during a team hackathon, utilizing and integrating multiple RESTful APIs using Python and Flask and hosting on Heroku.

Mentor Graphics - Student Engineer

  • Extended and maintained a custom in-house acceptance testing framework written in Java, significantly reducing error rates and test development time.
  • Participated in the final-stage testing of a new release of the CAPITAL software suite, utilising the above testing framework.